Saturday, November 25, 2006


It's amazing how a small thing can put a dent in your morning. For example, a cockroach in the washing machine can really bugger things up.

It was very, very dead when I found it, and presumably it was now very clean, too, because I'd just done two loads of washing. It appeared to have all its legs, but for some reason, the thought of essence of roach all over my sheets, towels and smalls didn't do it for me and I had to wash everything again. That's close to being a criminal offence, in these water restricted times.

What I'd really like to know is what sort of dumb-arse cockroach gets in a washing machine? There was a veritable cockycopia of kitty fodder not a metre away, but no, it had to get in the damned washing machine. I would have to get the retarded cockroaches.

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At 9:11 pm, November 25, 2006, Blogger Snoskred said...

Well, at times like these I like to think of how it could have been a *lot* worse. During my NaBloPoMo travels, one of the bloggers had just washed - and dried - a mouse! That load did get washed again too..

Another blogger had pictures of their cat sitting in the drier - not just a one off, but a lot of them. My cats luckily have not found this haven of warmth because usually the drier is sitting on top of the washing machine and they don't get on top of that stack, but if they were ever found to be sitting in it I'd become an obsessive compulsive "are you sure there's no cat in there? let's check it" "are you sure there's no cat in there? let's check it again" "where are the cats? Let's make sure we know where they are before we turn this thing on" "you keep an eye on them and I'll turn it on" - I have always had an odd fear about drying a cat. Though that isn't the only one! ;)

At 9:33 pm, November 25, 2006, Blogger foodkitty said...

The word verification s almost too hard to continue, but...

the poor baby was just swimming and died of natural causes.
Rremember, these are the only creature in the world that can survive a nuclear holocaust or 60 sec in the micowave (allegedly)

At 2:10 am, November 26, 2006, Anonymous ThirdCat said...

You need a scorpion in your laundry. See, scorpions in our washing and we've never had a cockroach.

At 10:40 am, November 26, 2006, Blogger Scorpy said...

So that will be the final answer to the cockroach annihilation...Not Nuclear winter or another Ice Age - they have survived those - it will be the 'Simpson Contessa 520' on 'Suds Save' LOL
Is it sad that I can name a washing machine off the top of my head? :)

At 12:47 pm, November 26, 2006, Blogger Steph said...

I think you may have invented a novel way to kill cockroaches.
Shame about the drought though ;)

At 1:35 pm, November 26, 2006, Blogger redcap said...

Snos, ha ha ha :) You're right - mouses are way juicier. Mr F has never bothered with the dryer either, though I've found little paw prints on top of it, presumably from periods of incarceration in the laundry, aka, the naughty room.

Foodkitty, that's very Zen of you. I'm a long way from enlightenment, I'm afraid.

Thirdcat, sadly, I've never seen a scorpion anywhere at our place. Perhaps they don't like the beach?

Scorpy, who woulda thunk it, eh? My humble frontloader has more cockroach killing power than a nuclear bomb ;)

Steph, perhaps we could market it? Forget the Roach Motel - get a front-loading Roach-o-matic instead! After the drought, of course.

At 11:43 am, November 27, 2006, Blogger Rach said...


are you throwing out all the dishes the roachy water came into contact with?

At 1:54 pm, November 27, 2006, Blogger Miss Natalie said...

Oh no! Thats just disurbing.

My sister has an issue where baby cockies started living in the rubber bit of her fridge!!! YEW

At 2:22 pm, November 27, 2006, Blogger redcap said...

Rach, there's a small mercy. If it had been the dishwasher, I think I would really have lost the plot.

Miss Natalie, how horrible! I hope she's got rid of the little beasties now!

At 11:11 am, November 28, 2006, Blogger Bonestorm said...

With Thorpie retiring, Australia needed a new swimming star. I think this roach could have been it.

Pity it didn't beat the washing machine test. I hear it could do the 1500 in 13m 21s though. Shame.


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